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Give War A Chance

by The Right Wing Conspiracy

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All Songs (c) 2015 The Right Wing Conspiracy. All Rights Reserved
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by 2015 The Right Wing Conspiracy
Cover Art by SkyBurnsBlack Designs 2015
(c) 2015 SkyBurnsBlack Records


released August 7, 2007



all rights reserved


The Right Wing Conspiracy Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Track Name: Preachy, Preachy
We Are Judgmental
We Are Close Minded
We Want To Put Our Religion
Down Your Throat Because
We Are Preachy, Preachy
Preachy, We Care For You
We Don't Want To Tell You
What To Do But
We Want To Tell You What To Do
Track Name: Hollywood, You Are Not Holy
You Are The Fake Preacher
stealing From The Poor
Promising Heaven
But Sending People To Hell
Hollywood, You Are Not Holy
I Don't Believe In You
You Are The TV Preacher
And His TV Show
Riding In A Cadillac
On Streets Of Gold
Track Name: Demons Believe And Tremble
Terrorists Stand
For What They Believe
Dictators, False Prophets
The Devil Stands
For What he Believes
Don't Stand
For What You Believe
Stand For What's Right
Stand For What's True
Atheists, Liberals
False Religions
The Devil Stands
For What He Believes
Is Not To Believe In Something
Demons Believe And Tremble
Believe In What's Right
Believe In What's True
Jesus Is The Way
Jesus Is The Truth
Track Name: Homophobic
Pride Comes
Before The Fall
Shame On You
God Loves You
But Not Your Sin
I'm Homophobic
Because I Am Straight
And Sin I Hate
I'll Say It Again
That Jesus Loves You
But Not Your Sin
Shame On You
Track Name: ACLU - Devil's Advocates
Twist The System
Help The Criminal
ACLU, Devil's Advocates
Kill The Innocent
Save The Terrorist
Unleashed The Lions
And Kill The Christians
Time For The Witch Hunt
Track Name: Double Talker
Say Yes And No
At The Same Time
Hungry For Power
Nobody Knows
Where You Stand
Double Talker
Let Your Yes Be Yes
Double Talker
Let Your No Be No
Want To Please Everybody
At The Same Time
Want To Be In Control
Don't Want To Take A Stand
Track Name: The G Word
One Nation
Under The G Word
In G We Trust
So Help Me
The G Word
A 3 Letter Word
The G Word
Has Become Obscene
No G Word
In The Public Scene
No God, No Nation
No Trust, No Help
Track Name: Give War A Chance
Blood Is The Price
For Freedom
There Are Things
Worth To Fight For
Give War A Chance
Peace Through Strength
If You Want Peace
Then Fight For It
Kill, Do Not Murder
Be Angry, But Sin Not
Destroy Evil
Don't Compromise
Stop Whining
And Be A Man
Fight Fight Fight